The Brain Injury Support Group of Kitsap county began in 1987 under the leadership of Dr. Sherwood Young. His vision was to create environments and situations for survivors and their families to better understand the effects and behaviors of brain injury as well as help individuals construct a new normal.

The group was established as a part of the Green Mountain Rehabilitation, a satellite clinic of Good Samaritan Hospital in Puyallup. The support group has been affiliated with the Brain Injury Association (now the Alliance) of WA since the late 1980’s. In 1999, Harrison Medical became the owners of Green Mountain and incorporated the rehab clinic into their organization. They continued the twice a month support groups in Bremerton. Eventually, changing into our current schedule.

key to the city

The picture is of Janice and the key to the city she was awarded in 2013.

“Be well and may the voices of survivors and families be heard around the world.”

— Janice Worman – Group Facilitator

Today, the support group continues to meet twice a month sharing common bonds and exploring ways to productively move forward. We provide survivors, family members, and caregivers, healthy opportunities to learn and practice living a life with HOPE

The group seeks solutions for day to day challenges and shares updates in the recovery process. We provide a network of support for survivors and their families. Our focus is to educate community members that life may change after a brain injury but the pursuit of happiness is everlasting.

Introducing the Port Angeles Group

The North Olympic Brain Injury Support Group is located in Port Angeles, WA and welcomes attendees whose lives have been touched in some way by brain injury. The group meets monthly to discuss topics of interest and to support one another in building a good life after brain injury.

The group welcomes brain injury survivors, caregivers and loved ones who would like to come, connect, and share resources and experiences. We encourage engagement from all of its members who contribute skills and experience which serve and enhance monthly meetings and the group as a whole.

Diana Bluthenthal, a brain injury survivor, caregiver spouse and parent, focused on family health and recovery. She is a retired children's book author and artist. In the center is Dr. Cheryle Sullivan, a brain injury survivor, retired family physician and author. She also is a speaker at brain injury events. Jennifer Torba is on the right and is a brain injury support partner, spouse and retired nurse.

Port Angeles group facilitators


They are all great ambassadors for the brain injured community and we are honored to have them.