We have identified organizations dedicated to learning about and recovering from brain injuries. This is not a comprehensive list of all organizations. This page is intended for those new to the brain injury community and are trying to gain a place to start.

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The Brain Network

We are a national nonprofit organization that provides education, community support, and collaborates with academia and policymakers. What has guided and distinguished us from the start is our lived experience and belief that people will be the drivers of change.

Online support groups--multiple days & times, Community platform with tons of information & other resources

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New Day Films

tbi Klatch

The TBI Klatch, originally called the TBI Kaffee Klatch, was born during the COVID-19 pandemic so Kitsap Brain Injury support group members had a way to stay connected. It has become a weekly Zoom event for a growing virtual-family featuring casual, informal discussions about defining and surviving in a "new normal." Klatch is about compassion, acceptance, understanding, awareness, knowledge and rebuilding after brain injury.

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Brain Injury Alliance of Washington

Brain Injury Alliance of Washington-Spousal/Partner Support Group

The BIAWA spouse/partner support group meets virtually via Zoom the 3rd Tuesday of each month from 6:00-7:00pm. The BIAWA provides resources for basic needs, criminal justice/legal services, education, health care, income support/employment, individual/family life, and mental health/substance abuse. They also have regional resource managers to help.

Registration is required to attend this group and the link to register is provided below

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WA TBI Advisory Council Virtual Support Groups

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Strategic Partnership Advisory Council of Washington State provides Support Groups through the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) that emphasize connection, education, and engagement in life after sustaining a TBI.

Our Support Groups are predicated on the concept of a person-centered approach that can aid in the development of long-term knowledge and generic problem-solving skills to help attendees overcome barriers to sustaining a fulfilling life.

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Project Access Northwest

Project Access Northwest - Pro Bono Counseling

At the Pro Bono Counseling Program with Project Access NW, we believe that access to quality mental health care is a human right and can change a person’s life. Our mission is to extend a helping hand to those without insurance or with inadequate coverage within our community, connecting them to the appropriate mental health or emerging health professionals tailored to their unique circumstances. In our efforts to make a significant impact, we collaborate with a dedicated network of licensed professionals, student interns, and pre-licensure individuals requiring supervised hours, all of whom generously offer their expertise without charge, affirming our commitment to equal access to quality mental health care.

Although our current roster of compassionate volunteers does not include specialists in brain injury therapy, at this moment; we are optimistic and actively working to diversify our network of providers to encompass this and other specialized areas of mental health care. We are constantly evolving to better serve the needs of our community.

To sign up click instructions and follow patient enrollment instructions

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Kitsap Brain Injury strives to post the latest stable community support for our survivors, relatives, and caregivers.

If you found a regional community support not listed, please use our contact us form and we will look into adding them to our resources

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