Adapting to our new normal

We are having September 2020 event online

Reconnecting with the creative self with Cheryl Green

An interactive fun online experience

Zoom event will be on September 10th from 3PM-5PM

Registration will be open Aug 14th --- Sept 7th

After Sept 7th risk possible non-participation

Register for the event by using the contact us page

We will send out invitations via email with an attendence link

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Event Itinerary

In preparation for the event, please choose an object to bring to the event. It could be a picture, drawing, painting, blanket, food, companion animal, or anything that makes you feel creative or reminds you of a story. It doesn’t matter if you made it, found it on the Internet, or how long you’ve had it.

This event will include Cheryl’s presentation on storytelling, Music by brain injury survivors Toni Hickman and Brandon Scarth, creative story sharing activity, links to websites that publish stories online, and an artist Share.

Kitsap Brain Injury is made "Who Am I To Stop it" availible to our members

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About the presenter

Cheryl Green, MFA, MS is a multi-media digital artist, captioner, audio describer, a 2017 AIR New Voices Scholar, and a member-owner at New Day Films. She brings her lived experience with multiple invisible disabilities to creating media that explores politically- and culturally-engaged stories from cross-disability communities. Her audio and written blog, transcribed podcast, and documentary films are at She reported and produced one episode for the Peabody-nominated Season 2 of 70 Million.

Find her longer bio at the, "Who Am I To Stop It," website

Cheryl Green

Step One - Get online Access

Need internet access?

With the roll out of our support groups being conducted online we need to ensure our brain injury survivors have access to the internet in their home. Here are the two main companies in our area that offer internet access at reduced rates. The primary eligibility requirement is that the applicants use for public assistance programs.

You can choose either Comcast for cable internet OR Centurylink for DSL internet. They both cost around $10/month.


Step Two - Download Zoom

Zoom is a free download from its website and is available for andriods, Apples, and PC's.



Step Three - Let us know you would like to attend the 2020 Online Event

You can either use the Contact us page or use the email enclosed in the monthly meeting announcement

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