Hybrid & Online Support Group Meeting Times

We hope you attend one or both of our groups to learn, to get some motivation, and to possibly inspiration

Our Kitsap Brain Injury Support Group

Please refer to our Events page for monthly meeting topics as they change monthly.

These meetings will remain online

2nd Thursday of each month 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

Meeting dates are Jan 11th, Feb 8th, Mar 14th, Apr 11th, May 9th, Jun 13th, Jul 11th, Aug 8th, Sep 12th, Oct 10th, Nov 14th, and Dec 12th

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TBI Klatch

The Koffee Klatch is just another way to connect with others living with brain change

Zoom meetings every Monday at 10 AM

Register for the Klatch by using the contact us page or button and inform us that you would like to attend the TBI Koffee Klatch

Zoom invitations are sent the Sunday before the meeting



As most of you know Bo has facilitated the weekly TBI Klatch support group since its inception (about three years). Due to the combination of Bo's aging and needing to reduce his efforts, we are confronted with the inevitable situation of finding volunteers, reducing the number of groups, or shutting it down entirely. We have witnessed that facilitating groups seems to accelerate personal recoveries. For this reason, we want to continue the group to cultivate this added benefit by training and mentoring new facilitators with Bo’s help. We need multiple facilitators (four or more) to each do one meeting per month and spread the workload and time commitment.

Kitsap Brain Injury is seeking volunteers to facilitate one Zoom meeting per month on Monday mornings at 10 a.m. Our goal is to develop a team (4 or more) of peer-to-peer facilitators with different voices, perspectives, skills, and topics for regular meetings of the TBI Klatch.


Lived experience dealing with TBI (survivor, caregiver, health care professional, or family/friend)

Requires basic computer skills and internet access


Give back to the TBI community by helping others

Facilitator training, mentoring, and will support provided

Facilitators report personal growth and learning

$50/meeting stipend

Schedules flexible

For more information conact Bill using the button below

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Step One - Get online Access

Need internet access?

With the roll out of our support groups being conducted online we need to ensure our brain injury survivors have access to the internet in their home. Here are the two main companies in our area that offer internet access at reduced rates. The primary eligibility requirement is that the applicants use for public assistance programs.

You can choose either Comcast for cable internet OR Centurylink for DSL internet. They both cost around $10/month.


Step Two - Download Zoom

Zoom is a free download from its website and is available for andriods, Apples, and PC's.


Download and install Zoom

Get Zoom


Step Three - Let us know which meeting you would like to attend

You can either use the Contact us page or use the email enclosed in the monthly meeting announcement

Contact Us


Step Four - Click the link

We will send you an invitation link for the meeting you requested. Click the link in the email to attend the meeting